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a different kind of eclipse

So much anticipation. That seemed to be at least one of the commonalities living anywhere near the total eclipse path across planet earth today. I heard the message of feeling united with others in such a cosmic way if only for a couple hundred seconds on repeat. I got it. But in a way I didn't at all expect. The moon and sun were just the start. Without much effort, I began running down lists of things that eclipse other things. You know, things that overshadow or outshine other things. I feel sure my fifth grade talent show performance to Styx's Mr. Robot eclipsed my stage debut of The Yellow Brick Road that same year. And the ugly cry I was able to deliver after my very- first heartbreak paled in comparison to the one I was able to muster when I lost my dad. And of course there was math. The older I got, the more I understood. Except for why kids liked rabbit's foot keychains and of course why I could not understand Math. As my skills began growing in other areas, my math knowledge was slowly being eclipsed. Special glasses weren't required No one was watching. But I knew it was happening.

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