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Shoo Wee Okapi

Shoo Wee! Do you smell that? What is that smell... I think it's that Okapi! What is an Okapi, anyway? Okapis are nearly impossible to observe in the wild and, once discovered, obtained a mythical reputation and gained the name "African unicorn." This book is the first in a series of "ficinformational" books about lesser known animals with weird traits like the okapi. The illustrations are engagin, and the story is just plain fun to read and filled with real facts.

Shoo Wee Okapi! is a humorous illustrated picture book written in conversational, comic book style and including fun facts on this almost mythical creature. The mysterious nature of the okapi provides a perfect platform to combine storytelling as a means to both entertain and educate. Shoo Wee Okapi! decidedly affirms for readers that we are all more similar than we may seem and differences can be divine.

Shoo Wee Okapi

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