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Leslie McCrary is a neurodivergent author, children's independent bookseller & former kindergarten teacher. She's always in search of the lesser-known curiosities of this world like barking tree frogs. She loves stories. All kinds. She sees herself as a storyteller and, if you're reading this, she hopes you do too. She loves tiny humans and connecting with them through story. She reads, writes and can often be found wandering around her home in San Antonio, Texas. 

Things Leslie loves (in no particular order)...

Mustaches are okay too...

  • tardigrades

  • worms

  • hoodoos

  • plain donuts

  • her husband & 3 mostly grown-up kids

  • playing the nose flute

  • weird succulents 

  • words, words, words!

  • art

  • her cats

  • being still

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